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02-Mar-2020 06:42

I’m not trying to scare you off or anything, just trying to set expectations.

This forum is an excellent source of information to keep sane regarding BMW ownership.

I’ve recently read BMW’s branded oil has switched to 0W-30, though I’ve not yet verified it.

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I am fully aware a BMW is not a Japanese car, and I’m prepared to do the maintenance it needs – I plan to have it a long time. I did buy the car at an auto broker not specialising in BMWs, but according to the carfax, prior to that it had been serviced at the BMW dealership very regularly its entire life.Foxwell NT644 Pro differs from Foxwell NT644 in functions.Foxwell NT644 Pro can do: Perform Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) features on approx 30 makes Perform DPF on approx 35 makes Perform Battery Configuration on approx 8 makes Perform Steering Angle Sensor on approx 40 makes Perform Throttle Position Sensor on approx 30 makes Foxwell NT644 pro workable electronic control system: Engine, ABS, Airbags, Immobiliser, Instrument Cluster, Climate Control, Power Steering, Automatic Transmission, etc.Being you bought it used and I’ll assume not from a BMW dealership (but maybe?

) I’d have the oil changed using BMW LL-01 spec oil at the correct weights of either 5W-30, or 5W-40 and use a BMW brand or aftermarket MANN oil filter HU-816.It’s good you understand the importance of having a BMW serviced at a BMW specialist.