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Barclay had been hired as a substitute teacher in the fall and promoted to paraprofessional in November. She was removed the day the alleged relationship was reported to police.

'When we became aware of potential involvement with a student, we followed all procedures,' Monett Superintendent Brad Hanson told the outlet.

Don’t assume that because you are separated, you can start dating other people.

Although Missouri is a no-fault divorce state, that does not mean that having an affair can’t impact your divorce agreement and hurt you financially.

Barclay has also worked as a horse riding instructor, according to 417mag.

If you are seeking a dissolution of marriage in Missouri, there are things that you need to know in order to protect yourself, your custody rights, and your assets.

If your marriage has been over symbolically for a while, you might be considering dating while separated – but that might be a big mistake.

It can also be that your significant other might seek to prove that you were having an affair before the separation began, and it might become your word against theirs.

If you are dating someone, then it is possible for them to be deposed about the relationship, when it began, whether it was sexual, and whether they were aware of any marital property being hidden or transferred.A 24-year-old former substitute teacher is charged with having sex with one of her 17-year-old students.

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