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In early fall, Pelton and Chief Deputy Chris Hughes went to select a dog.There are hundreds to see, but the slate is narrowed down after the trainers learn about the officer’s personality.Today in Afghanistan there are approximately 700 Military Service Dogs fighting with and protecting our troops.They do everything from guarding posts and facilities to tracking the enemy to bomb detection and combat defense.They looked at 10 to 12 dogs, but Pelton noticed Ace was watching every move he made.The future partners walked with each in the yard and spent time together, but there was a quick connection.There is a new law enforcement team working Montague County as Deputy Chase Pelton and K9 Ace are completing their training and are ready to protect and service.

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A message from Ron Aiello , President US War Dogs Association and Lorry Young , Paws for your Pets. OPERATION MILITARY CARE K9 YOU CAN HELP THESE SILENT HEROES IN THEIR FIGHT TO HELP OUR TROOPS OPERATION MILITARY CARE K-9, Began in the year 2002 with sending care packages to our US Military Working dogs and their Handlers. American families donated their dogs to the military to aid our troops during wartime.When Deputy James Boyd was shot on a stop several years ago that made me want to begin working on the streets.