Apostolic beliefs on dating

29-Jun-2020 15:56

*** Index of Biblical References Index of Persons and Places Analytical Index Notes INTRODUCTION 1.In accordance with the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, this Congregation, in furthering and promoting the Liturgy, "the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed..the fount from which all her power flows", wishes to draw attention to the need to ensure that other forms of piety among the Christian people are not overlooked, nor their useful contribution to living in unity with Christ, in the Church, be forgotten.These proposals are also intended for the major Superiors of the institutes of consecrated life —both male and female, since many forms of popular piety arose within, and were developed by, such institutes, and because the religious and the members of the secular institutes can contribute much to the proper harmonization of the various forms of popular piety with the Liturgy. The history of the Western Church is marked by the flowering among the Christian people of multiple and varied expressions of simple and fervent faith in God, of love for Christ the Redeemer, of invocations of the Holy Spirit, of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, of the veneration of the Saints of commitment to conversion and of fraternal charity.These expressions have grown up alongside the Liturgy.The question constantly occupies the attention of Bishops, priests, deacons, pastoral assistants, and scholars, who are concerned both to promote the liturgical life among the faithful and to utilize popular piety. In its constitution on the Liturgy, the Second Vatican Council explicitly touched upon the relationship between the Liturgy and pious exercises.

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[Close this notice.] This major document from the Congregation for Divine Worship provides a comprehensive examination of popular piety and private devotion and how these relate to the liturgical life of the Church.

An authentic pastoral promotion of the liturgy, will know how to build on the riches of popular piety, purify them and direct them towards the Liturgy as an offering of the people", in addition to the Liturgy, the preparation of this present Directory appears opportune to this Dicastery.

In a general way, it considers the various connections between the Liturgy and popular piety. The first, entitled Emerging trends, provides the elements necessary for the harmonization of Liturgy and popular piety.

This section is elaborated in reference to the Liturgical Year (Chapter 4); to the special veneration given by the Church to the Mother of our Saviour (Chapter 5); to devotion to the Holy Angels, the Saints and the Beatified (Chapter 6); to suffrage for the dead (Chapter 7) and to pilgrimage and examples of popular piety connected with shrines (Chapter 8).

The object of this Directory is to offer guidelines and, where necessary, to prevent abuses or deviations. In the same context, it provides short historical notes on several popular devotions in its Guidelines.The document was formally presented to the Church in April 2002.

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