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The fact that these two elements are present leads to some tonally jarring moments, and being so silly severely dents the credibility of the story's bad guys.None of the films manage to combine these discrepancies perfectly, and none are classic movies, but as one whole story they're an impressive and influential piece of filmmaking that utilised and created a whole lot of love on both sides of the camera.Shorn of exposition duties, the script is able to lighten up.“I was just sitting on the U-bend, thinking about death…” is still one of the best lines in the whole series.

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Things start picking up again, but by then even the beautifully animated Deathly Hallows tale isn’t enough to counteract the slog that is the middle of the film.Across eight films, they told the story of death-magnet legend boy Harry Potter and his loyal flame-locked sidekick Ron as they courted whimsical oblivion on a roughly yearly basis, getting rescued repeatedly by Girl Guide/Wikipedia hybrid Hermione Granger.