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in sexual matters)| 3 out of tune, discordant (of music) -mensumbangkan langkah: /frm/lu/ 1 implant a ) small piece of gold or diamond inserted in the face as a magical charm to improve sb’s beauty.

b) /med/ implant |a birth control method by inserting a contraceptive-contained small tube under the skin of a women| 2 pin, nail.

that is still in its natural state and has not been used or changed by people| 2 |the state of a girl that is without sexual experience| 3 |the condition of sth that never been used| -perawan sunti: power gaining-oriented politics.

Note: If you mean “policy” entry 1 (2) |a way of doing things that has been officially agreed and chosen by a political party or organization| in some cases can be substituted with “kebijakan” e.g.

company profile 3 building material (usually made of wood, fibreglass, cement) that has been shaped into a particular appearance and can be used as an ornament of the building such as at the corner between ceiling and wall) -berprofil: /frm/lu/ property 1 |equipments, accessories, tools that are used in shooting a film, tv serial, video clips, etc.| 2 |something that someone owns| propesi: variant of profesi: propesor: see professor: propil: variant of profil: propinsi: see provinsi: propokatip: variant of provokatif: proporsi: 1 the process of re-legalize sth |if sb build a house without a legal permission or certificate but later on the government gave it| 2 abolition (punishment) 3 wiping out (debt or other responsibilities) 4 whitewashing -putih bersih: Your Excellency. women) and, in some areas, to dangerous wild animals, e.g. -nenek kebayan: ./frm/lu/ |used to vary some of word that starts with “k” e.g.

Q Q; q K the 17th letter of the alphabet used in Indonesia and English – approximately sounds like k in kilo; key; kerosene; donkey; park; mark; khaki; talk |. kebut ® ngebut; kekang ® ngekang; kalah ® ngalah|, and sometimes it’s modified with me- e.g; ngebut ® mengebut; ngekang ® mengekang; ngalah ® mengalah This modification doesn’t make any difference in meaning but the words become formal; ngalah (inf) ® mengalah (frm) ngebet: letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian and English – approximately sounds like m in madam; damage; human; sample; tomato; remember.| M: 1 /written in uppercase/ 1 |the symbol of 1000 in Roman numerals| 2 abraviaton of Messiah (Christ) . Note: In English, “breakfast”, “lunch”, or “dinner” always stands as a noun in a sentence.

Selanjutnya, sebagai insan sosial blog ini juga berisikan hal-hal hasil pencerahan yang diperoleh sebagai hasil pembelajaran hidup.

/frm/lu/ urbanisation 1 |migration from the rural area to urban area| 2 |the change where an rural area become a rural area 3 the change in proportion of urban area compare to rural area where the urban area portion become larger urea: /frm/lu/ litter |a portable chair or a light narrow bed having poles in the front and rear carried by two or four persons used to carry a special person in the old time, a corpse, or a sick person| -bertandu: /frm/lu/ 1 trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, etc.

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I sacrifice some of my land to be used for road extension.Notes: In English the word ‘broke’ is usually used as an active transitive verb.In Indonesian, if this word ‘breake’ happen to a part of sb’s body, people usually use it as a passive voice (intransitive).A man who is desperate for acceptance, approval, and affection from women.

This desperation has led to the compromise of his beliefs and values, the desecration of his dignity and self-worth, and his inability to stand up for himself and what he deserves as a human being, eg.3 -bersusuk: /frm/lu/ 1 touch |to put your hand on the surface of something so you can feel him if its smooth, rough, wet, warm, etc| 2 search |to insert your hand inside sth such as your pocket to find what is inside it| a table cloth with fringe 2 buoy |an object that floats on the water, used for showing boats which parts of the water are safe or dangerous| 3 |short pillar on quay for tying up ships| 4 rambu-rambu (jalan): (traffic) sign -Dinas Rambu: the human skeleton 3 chassis |the frame on which the body, engine etc.