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03-Oct-2020 06:11

This would include expanding the Terms section to allow document linking, expanding the Damage Waiver section to disable its use and creating a Sale section to offer a - sold as is - statement.Contract Totals: Reformatting the Rental Totals section, of screen and print, has become necessary, as the current format of this section does not allow for simple auditing of payments and charges.The process management module is responsible for process creation, process loading, and execution control, the interaction of the process with signal events, process monitoring, CPU allocation and process termination.Interprocess communication covers issues such as synchronization and coordination, deadlock and livelock detection and handling, process protection, and data exchange mechanisms.We updated rental calculation options to calculate rental penalties separate from the rental item, so the user has more flexibility and can provide more options to their customers when creating rental contracts.We added a new rental penalty option: Same Period Percent Penalty.There are currently two issues with our support for the device that we are waiting on new software from Veri Fone to resolve.

This value is used with the Percent Penalty option to determine the percentage above the rate to charge.Every potential checkout webpage includes information about the purchase, payment amount, customer details, and a few additional details.