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19-Feb-2020 03:10

So, I did a rather sketchy social media survey, on Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram and Whats App.

I asked women on their thoughts and views about Zimbabwean men.

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Painting nationalities with one brush is wrong for me, one individual who wrongs you does not counter all men. – Busie For years, I dated Shona men and foreign men, total waste of time, you never fully understand them. – Cynthia The Zimbabwean men I know, the majority are very driven and hard working. However, some can be quite misogynistic and controlling, trying to control how I dress etc.It is just , businesses have closed, and what remains of nightlife in Zimbabwe's second city begins to stir, including transactional sex - illegal, risky because of the high rates of HIV/Aids, but still a draw for young women facing high unemployment. Susan, in her early 20s, is selling sex on the street and in nearby bars.Declining to give her full name, she says she doesn't use a condom, despite the risk of infection, because she earns more from unprotected sex."Every girl I know here is doing it, no need to lie about it," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, wearing a strong deodorant and assuming an air of sophistication.Yesterday this South African said, at least Zim men cheat but really marry, look at us, half the maternity ward has fatherless children.

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That’s her experience where she wants that cheat but be married. Remember these men are cultured differently in their homes as well.

Can be romantic but don’t like to be seen as weak, so from time to time, they will remind you who is in charge and what is expected from you as a woman so you don’t bruise their little egos. As for me, he was sent from above, loving, handsome, hardworking… – Kundai Have seen many responses about Zim men being compared to other nationalities e.g. I am guessing these are many from those in diaspora, SA, UK, Canada, USA etc. They are dicks, liars, good for nothing, abusive, thieves, unambitious, zeros, place holders etc.

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