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If he asked me back, I know what the right thing is to do and that is to say “NO” but I would be lying if I didn’t give it a shot. in 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate About America, Blinded by the Right, Book Reviews, Books, Charity, Cleansing the Palate, Culture, David Brock, Diversity, Education, Elizabeth Clementson, Fox News, Mike Gallagher, Politics, Proud to Be Liberal, Religion, Right Wing Radio, Rory O'Connor, Shock Jocks, Social/Economic Justice ≈ Leave a comment Okay, liberals, tell me the things you hate.I tried to think of books that list the things conservatives hate about America. Well, if I’m going to stereotype I’d say conservatives hate President Obama and the rest of the Obama family (including Bo and Sunny).And though I’m sure there’s a few, but I couldn’t think of any. They hate gay people, Democratic women (“Hillary has cankles! Cleansing the Palate I don’t think Mike Gallagher is a horrible person. Heck, I’d even eat at a steakhouse with him even though I’d prefer a plate of barbecue ribs.But to Mike the only Christians that matter are radical right Evangelical Christians and more mainstream Christians don’t seem to exist in his world. Mike came to this conclusion by observing a few tax returns of some notable individuals, as if that’s going to tell the whole story on why liberals hate charity.

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Charity is also about donating time, skills, and much needed supplies.We recently had the opportunity to speak with the runner up Mindy Hall from Vh1’s Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels. I never hated a single person there, we were just very different. Reality Wanted.com: So you ended up having feelings for Bret? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: The feelings started coming when we were in St. I needed to know who he was and I got to know him more right around then. Reality Wanted.com: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I only have one regret and you will have to wait to hear what that is on the reunion show.Mindy a merchandiser and buyer from Cincinnati, Ohio talked with Reality about her experiences on the show. Reality Wanted.com: How did you end up on Rock of Love Bus? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I didn’t seek it out actually, a casting director came up to me and talked to me about the show. Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I listened to him in high school but I didn’t own a CD of his, but got one before I went on the show. Reality Wanted.com: Are you attracted to rock stars? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I have never dated a rock star and never thought I would. It took me a lot longer to open up to him compared to the other girls but I wanted to make sure. Reality Wanted.com: So do you stay in touch with some of the girls from the show? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I still talk to some of the girls, Jamie, Beverly, Sam and Marcy. Though it is hard to be on a reality show, I just tried to be me and didn’t do anything that wasn’t me. Reality Wanted.com: What was your favorite time on the show? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: Probably the final date with Bret.Heck, I know conservatives who don’t like these women.

Liberals also hate Christianity, which is odd to me because there are quite a few liberal Christians and Christian denominations.I didn’t have a lot to say, I was emotionally void and heartbroken. Reality Wanted.com: Would you do another dating reality show? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: Not unless it is about Mindy and Bret together! Reality Wanted.com: So do you think that Bret was there to find love and do you think he found it with Taya? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: That is the big question, was he there for love. I wonder if he picked Taya so he could brag to his friends that he is dating a Penthouse Pet. It would not be fair for me to be dating someone while I still am working out all of the feelings I have for Bret. Sometimes you have to loose the battle to win a war! Reality Wanted.com: So do you have a Myspace or Facebook where fans can find you?