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It doesn't help the fact that those events discourage unauthorized photos or pictures and they generally enforce a "no photos or videos without permission" policy on those events. A recent story in the Wall Street Journal reflects the reality of White ethnic cleansing in California.They lack the physical attributes required: extreme height, strength, quickness, reflexes, explosive power, speed, and amazing hand/eye coordination.That combination is found almost exclusively among African-Americans.Whites went from over 80% of the population in California in 1960, to 40.1% in 2010.Over fifty years, Whites have been effectively ethnically cleansed out of California. This is not sustainable, and the legally inferior status of Whites (Affirmative Action preferences, no protection by Hate Crimes legislation, Whites ineligible for Civil Rights) guarantees a conflict with the ethnically cleansed Whites in the places where they’ve fled in refuge.

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But California’s inland areas, which tend to be more conservative, saw some of the state’s biggest growth. San Jose, closer to the coast, grew 5.7% to 945,942.

And, like Carroll, who taught mathematics at Oxford University, Kenneth Grahame held a responsible position in the world of figures; he was the official acting secretary of the mighty Bank of England.

And, again like Carroll, he sought escape from this rigid, workaday life in a world of imagination and fable.

Hispanics/Mexicans have far more kids, not the least of which is that child-birth among this group often starts at the mid to late teens.

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There is a world of difference among a population that has kids in the mid to late twenties onward, and has only a few that it can support without massive government subsidies and aid, and one that has kids at 15-16 onwards, requiring massive wealth transfers from the wealthier population. It is the ethnic cleansing of a stable, middle class White population that generates ample tax revenues while demanding relatively little social services, and the replacement by very poor Mexicans who have very little income and demand massive government spending.

Unlike most comic artists, mangakas usually don't allow any pictures or photos taken, even in Japan.

and during the early 20th century, Hyderabad was transformed into a modern city with the establishment of transport services, underground drainage, running water, electricity, telecommunications, universities, industries, and Begumpet Airport.… continue reading »

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The Family Law Department will serve the Community with fairness and efficiency, encourage cooperation with all public and private individuals and organizations, promote confidence and trust in the judicial system, and perform its duties with the highest ethical standards.… continue reading »

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A new University of France replaced it in 1806 with four independent faculties: the Faculty of Humanities ("Faculté des Lettres"), the Faculty of Law (later including Economics), the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Theology (closed in 1885).… continue reading »

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