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29-Feb-2020 06:30

So I was probably much more at ease with that issue. Kevin has had 45 years of relatively good health, and he has led a full life. On the incubator shelf in the embryology lab, the fertilized eggs grew into 12 viable embryos.

We love each other a lot, and we wanted to see a union of our love, and we wanted to experience what so many people experience normally, and so naturally, just to be able to have our own child. MINA GATES: Also, it's characterized by cytosinversus, which means everything in Kevin's body is backward. KEVIN GATES: I knew that if the worst-case scenario is that we have a kid with Kartagener's, that's fine. MINA GATES: All I wanted was one of Kevin's sperms. NARRATOR: Using the new ICSI technique, Kevin's sperm was injected into each of the eggs harvested from Mina.LAURA: You feel very different from the medications, and so it's sometimes difficult to handle your everyday tasks. Virtually no couple will be unable to have a baby, except for those few that are at the extremes of reproductive life. SUSAN VAUGHAN: Finding the sperm was a really long process. DEB WASSER: We'd go down these lists, and we had so many of them.