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17-Jul-2020 19:46

With this young man the sexual vibes that came off them was incredible even when just sitting talking but what a moment to observe that first instant I saw them sexually together.I had slipped into the bedroom after my wife had led him there just 20 minutes’ previous. Both were naked, except that my wife still wore the black stockings and high heels she’d worn especially for his visit.Little wonder when this supposedly boyish cock, which is uncut and very thickly veined for such a young man, is an amazing 10 inches in length and an unbelievable 7 inches in circumference in full erection.It also has such a savage rigidness to it, so that, even when he’s crouching preparing to penetrate my wife, his cock is straight and true before him and needs little guiding.Each contraction of his fabulous black cock was fast followed by a deep-chested grunt of very obvious and thorough male satisfaction, telling me with agonising certainty that this fantastic lover of my wife was ejaculating deep and free in her, his muscular young black butt clenching furiously to hold his final thrust fully home while she writhed and moaned beneath him, doubtless feeling herself take each thumping warm spurt of semen deep inside her.The detail of that vision of the boy’s ejaculating cock so deeply buried in my lovely willing wife will never fade for me.His magnificent young body was reared high above my wife whose bent silk stockinged legs were suddenly thrown wide from being clasped so powerfully high up round his black shiny torso.Cries of sheer ecstasy and squeals were forced from my wife as his cock, which had been piston like in its movement, shuddered and was stilled at a full hilt.

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I can still remember standing to get a better view watching that reared-up powerful young body, between wide stretched stocking clad legs, very decisively and deliberately executing its last balls-emptying few cock strokes into my beautifully responding wife.

Sure, for me there is an incredibly erotic “something” about this young black lover of 19 who is muscular and strongly built—and my wife’s young Negro lad is very athletic, strong and supple, wide-shouldered, broad-chested, flat-bellied, narrow-waisted, slim-hipped and long- legged, and of the medium to slimmer build with beautifully defined muscles everywhere.

One look at him and you would see he is certainly built as an athlete.

He was equally admiring of her bronzed physique as she was of his.

During his visits he accepted that I’d be watching them from time to time. I love to observe my wife interacting sexually with other men.

The sex was undoubtedly graphic with the young boy being high up in her in the missionary position with his long strong black thighs well open so I could see that full and deep intercourse was taking place.

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